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Our success is not in your service fees, our success is in your success. The day you will succeed is the day we will succeed and this is the principle of CapStonePlanet.

Leading provider of underwriter, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services, CapStonePlanet (P) Limited offers businesses an affordable way to improve corporate operations. We are the Best Outsourcing Agency in India, and Through outsourcing, businesses can scale up or down their resources as needed without having to pay for benefits or salaries. It also lessens the workload associated with recruiting, onboarding, and retaining staff.

Our staff takes the time to fully understand you and your company, going above and beyond. We typically act as consultants, and we're dedicated to providing you with long-term and full-time advice and assistance for your business objectives. Like Fortune 1000 organizations with a sledgehammer presence in India, working with CapStonePlanet is like having your own branch workplace in India.

At CapStonePlanet, we take great satisfaction in being a top outsourcing company in India, providing a wide range of services catered to companies of all kinds. With ten years of experience, we have built a strong reputation for providing solutions that are both high-quality and reasonably priced. We are leading Outsourcing agency in India. In order to maximize the benefits to your business, we offer the best services possible along with a comprehensive support system and quick project delivery.

CapStonePlanet is a premier BPO Agency in India. Our team of exceptionally talented experts is committed to offering outstanding services that address your particular business requirements. In India, we provide high quality BPO services. We provide specialized solutions that will proper your success since we have a thorough awareness of your needs.

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Our Expertise

Outsourcing Company in India

At CapStonePlanet is a leading outsourcing company in India and offering a diverse range of services tailored to businesses of all sizes. With a decade of experience we have established a solid reputation for delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions. As a Outsourcing Service Provider in India, we offer highest quality services & provide a complete support system with fast project delivery so your company gets more benefits.


Reasons for Choosing CapStonePlanet

BPO Companies in India

CapStonePlanet is a one of the top BPO Companies in India. We have dedicated team of highly skilled professionals is committed to providing exceptional services. As a BPO Company in India , we deliver tailored solutions to drive your success with a deep understanding of your requirements.

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Certified Resources

We not solely aim to supply the most effective resources but rather a quality for a corporation.

Quick Respond Time

Neither Time wait for anyone, nor opportunity so we respond in a timely manner.

Cost Efficient

When it comes to cost, we provide an efficient rate that helps cost savings jump to 75% or more.

Zero Overheads

Say goodbye to profit guzzling expenses like infrastructure, taxes, medical facilities, office rent, etc.

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Our Happy Clients Reviews

We are delighted with CapStonePlanet’s performance!

We are delighted with CapStonePlanet’s performance! Working with someone completely unfamiliar always causes some hesitation. Nevertheless, they have proven to be the right decision for our company. It has been a few months since we started working together, and there hasn’t been a single complaint. Thanks CapStonePlanet for being true to your word.

R Underwood (Founder)

Vast Experience in Merchant Cash Advance

If you planning to start your merchant cash advance business or if you are at the startup stage then CapStonePlanet is highly recommended for your business. CapStonePlanet has extensive experience in helping startups and especially they have vast experience in merchant cash advance. CapStonePlanet has experienced employees for all processes.

E Lopez (Head, Line of Credit)

Experienced with Multiple Tools, Overall Process and CRM

Harish and Kishan were very professional and nice during the whole process. They responded very quickly, I asked a lot of questions and always got a detailed and on-time response. I definitely recommend CapStonePlanet and its services. The team which is working with us is highly experienced in the small business financing industry. We didn’t need to spend much time on training. They know the overall process, and CapStonePlanet’s team is experienced with multiple tools and CRM, this is the biggest advantage.

Mitchell K (Chief Executive Officer)

Capabilities of Showing Spectacular Metrics

CapStonePlanet is best in what they are doing, with capabilities of showing spectacular metrics that flip in growth in revenue and a glad client base. CapStonePlanet helped us realize the 75% reduction in rate whereas additionally reducing the price of support. they are doing a good job at owning the task appointed to them.

David F(Underwriter)

Excellent Accomplishment for Our Company

Thank you for all the great work. it’s an excellent step for us and we are happy with the CapStonePlanet. I do know however troublesome a delivery will be and this is often an excellent accomplishment for our company, well done to you and your team!

L Felling (Managing Partner & Final Underwriter)

Win Rates Have Nearly Doubled

In the time since we’ve let CapStonePlanet handle our all processes, our projected and realized revenues have been steadily rising. Deal sizes have gone up by 20% and win rates have nearly doubled. At the same time, customer churn is down by 50%, thanks to better-fitting prospects. Engaging CapStonePlanet inside all processes in the post-pandemic slump was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Ronald W (Director of Funding)

Erases the Borders

CapStonePlanet has been instrumental in helping us achieve our sales targets during some of the most turbulent times that businesses have ever seen. The way they approach problem-solving is extremely skilled, and they are extremely endowed in what they are doing. Their work protocol is transparent through and through, which seemingly erases the borders between our organization and CapStonePlanet. Both our in-house team and CapStonePlanet worked in harmony to collectively achieve a common goal.

V Nill (Career Consultant)

Extended Sparks Family

The team at CapStonePlanet works as an extended Sparks family and always asks us how we can innovate your landscape and turn them into profit centers.

Ana Cruz (Senior Recruiter)

Proactively Implemented New Processes

CapStonePlanet has over-delivered on the key metrics, proactively implemented new processes, and set the standard for our company globally as service-to-sales customer interaction. CapStonePlanet has been a consummate professional partner to work with since day one; exhibiting patience when necessary, constantly working with a sense of urgency, and always delivering a superior customer experience.

Lazare J (Founder)

Problem Solving

The operational importance and proactive communication and problem-solving don’t seem to be even close to what I even have seen from anyone else, and I’ve worked with outsourced vendors for over twenty years.

T Webster (Managing Partner)

Very Best Standards of Integrity and Excellence

Over the last two years, we’ve come to depend upon CapStonePlanet as our strategic partner – literally an extension of our own team. they create the very best standards of integrity and excellence we tend to expect and have created a positive culture that matches our own.

Lee B (Senior Underwriter)

Highly Supported Team

CapStonePlanet Team had high caliber individuals support our implementation project and day-to-day operations. Experts in the Financial Services industry and arena to drive process improvements. I always feel highly supported by the team leads and I really appreciate their attentiveness and team quickly understood how our platform worked and now delivers great customer service all around.

Chris (Chief Operating Officer)

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