About us

"Our success is not in your service fees, our success is in your success"

CapStonePlanet: Your Top-tier Outsourcing Partner in India, Delivering Exceptional Services.

Experience the best in outsourcing with CapStonePlanet, recognized as the leading agency in India. We offer an extensive range of outsourcing services designed to meet your business needs with excellence and precision.

CapStonePlanet provides the very best quality services & provides a complete support system with quick project delivery thus your company gets additional benefits and becomes more profitable. We tend to thrive to make human connections with every one of our interactions. It permits us to keep client issues focused and attend to their needs with mutual understanding.

We rate building and nurturing internal relationships. Our team leaders are nice coaches and mentors. Our leaders are engaged with our employees, whether it's walking in the lab, meeting one-on-one, or hosting a video call to teach and develop their employees. As a result, we tend to deliver higher employee retention, higher team satisfaction, and ultimately a higher client experience compared with our competitors.


We empower startups and enable them to succeed in new heights. We tend to believe in a cooperative approach thus grooming the entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey and more enhance their business models and refining their monetization models.

A huge talent pool out there at competitive prices operating for you from your managed workplace in India, all at zero setup price. We are Startup Consultancy in India. Our superb qualified professionals are desirous to become a part of your company.

We are driven to make and deliver business worth by orchestrating a seamless experience for our clients. We tend to assist you to optimize your client experience, improving digital business operations, and facilitate your team to adopt and learn everything they have to reach today’s digital economy. we attempt to maneuver at a pace quicker than the digital landscape is dynamic.

We are digital natives despite our age. we tend to apply advanced digital tools and techniques to drive the journey from creation to execution. we tend to keep connected through advanced technology with our stakeholder associates and internal groups to deliver an uninterrupted, seamless and personalized expertise. We tend to produce and lead the most effective practices in digital transformation with our native and third-party tools and technologies.

Unleash Your Potential with CapStonePlanet's Expert Team

Company Profile

At CapStonePlanet, we take pride in our highly skilled and professional team members who are dedicated to delivering quality outsourcing services. With their expertise and commitment, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of top-notch outsourcing solutions in India. CapStonePlanet (P) Limited, a leading provider of Underwriter, Business Process (BPO) & Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services, provides a cost-effective approach for organizations to boost the operations of a corporation. Outsourcing permits organizations to scale resources up and down as required with no obligation to pay salaries or other benefits. Additionally, it alleviates the burden of hiring, training, and maintaining employees.

Our quality is rarely the best. We tend to believe that you just shouldn’t have to be compelled to sacrifice your standards just to avoid wasting money and CapStonePlanet offers a fair higher experience than what you're presently obtaining in-house. What it very comes right down to is our employees. By hiring the foremost qualified talent, we are able to make sure that our quality is often the most effective.

CapStonePlanet has expertise in providing professional underwriting support services. Our experience includes the availability of each end-to-end fulfillment and component-based solutions for ratio analysis, fraud detection, and analysis of credit, assets, income, and collateral. Underwriting is a very important service in Finance & Insurance corporations. each finance & insurance corporation has to maintain an underwriting department with well-trained employees to manage the underwriting task. It involves understanding the customer’s expectations, checking the credibility of the customers, and cross verifying various documents including bank statements. We are Leading Underwriting Service provider in India.

Our team goes on top of and behind by taking the time to totally perceive you and your business. We tend to function as consultants and are committed to advising you and supporting your business goals full-time and short-term. Working with CapStonePlanet is like having your own branch workplace in India, similar to Fortune 1000 companies that have a sledgehammer presence in India.

Why Do You Need to Outsource?

  • Offer Staffing Flexibility
  • Maintain Operational Control
  • Promote Growth
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Maintain Company Focus
  • Grow More Rapidly
  • Benefit From Top Talent
  • Retain Flexibility
  • Lower Ongoing Investment
  • Increases Reach
  • Greater Competitive Advantage
  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Enables Business Expansion
  • Increased Focus on Strategy
  • Access to Skilled Resources